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February 26, 2011

Boost your rankings for specific keywords with these new packages.

Buy hand-crafted, not automated, backlinks for your website

A very economical way of increasing search engine visibility for your home-page.

All of this work is done manually and personally by me and that is guaranteed.

As soon as you know that you want to increase the visibility of your pages and improve your traffic volume and your sales, please look lower down the page where you will find a PayPal ‘add to cart’ button next to each item. Please select your package and complete the payment.
Afterwards just send me an email with all the details and as soon as I receive it, you will get a reply confirming the arrangement.

I am also able to do the keyword research for you and find you keywords with decent traffic volume. Please contact me for prices if you want keyword research carried out.

if you need any backlink packages then please send the following details:

  1. Your name and how you want to be contacted.
  2. Your URL(s) that needs backlinks.
  3. Your keywords for the anchor text. (up to three different keywords per package)
  4. The package you want, any mixture is OK or any requests considered.

The work will be completed in a time span that reflects the package. For example, the 100 blog comments will be done over a few days and about two weeks later you should start to see the effect on your rankings. It is important not to flood your website pages with powerful comments as it would not look natural to Google and we don’t want you to incur some kind of penalty.

It is worth stressing the fact that all of the blog comments will be on high PR blogs and so these backlinks in the eyes of the search engines, will carry extra weight.
Also, because I can in some cases, comment only on the dofollow sites, then all the comments will send you PageRank value, but these quality pages are difficult to find. Most blogs are nofollow and you should always have these anyway to because apart from looking natural to the Search engines, you will get a large search results boost. Having said that, the most powerful backlink is always dofollow.

Also, with all the comments backlink packages here, each and every one is submitted manually, meaning that there is very little chance of the backlinks being deleted.
Many companies submit blog comments by automated means but I prefer to read the page and comment on the content. This makes it much more likely that the comment will be approved and kept on the page. I can check afterwards to see if it has been approved, and if for any reason it is not, then I will replace the comment with a new one on a different page.>
Personally, I get many spam comments on my blogs and you can tell immediately just looking at the syntax and the grammar that they are automated and get deleted by me as soon as I log in.

Article backlinking is a great way to get perfect anchor text inside blog content pointing to your pages. The articles will all be unique and relevant to your niche with keywords inside them that will boost your search engine ranking considerably because the majority of them will be dofollow.
When ordered alongside a blog comments package you have a very powerful combination that should get you where you want…depending on your niche and keywords.

Note well, all the comment backlinks will be located on pages with the PR stated, not the PR value of the websites homepage. I say once more ‘the actual page rank of the page is what you will get‘.
As a bonus to all customers who order an SEO package, when you have ordered you will be returned to my downloads page where if you want, you can download my SEO tutorials.

  • 100 Blog Comments on PR2 pages All Nofollow – 100 euros
  • [wp_cart:100 Blog Comments PR2 Nofollow:price:100.00:end]

  • 100 Blog Comments on PR3 pages All Nofollow – 125 euros
  • [wp_cart:100 Blog Comments PR3 Nofollow:price:125.00:end]

  • 50 Blog Comments on PR4 pages All Nofollow – 100 euros
  • [wp_cart:50 Blog Comments PR3 Nofollow:price:100.00:end]

  • 30 Blog Comments on PR5 pages All Nofollow – 100 euros
  • [wp_cart:30 Blog Comments PR5 Nofollow:price:100.00:end]

  • 15 Blog Comments on PR6 pages All Nofollow – 100 euros
  • [wp_cart:15 Blog Comments PR6 Nofollow:price:100.00:end]

    NoFollow backlinks will not add PR to your pages, but they will boost your search engine ranking considerably. The higher the PR the better. I might have a few PR7 pages kicking around, feel free to ask.

  • 20 PR2 DoFollow Backlinks on Blog Pages- 30 euros
  • [wp_cart:20 dofollow backlinks PR2:price:30.00:end]

  • 10 PR3 DoFollow Backlinks on Blog Pages- 50 euros
  • [wp_cart:10 dofollow backlinks PR3:price:50.00:end]

  • 10 PR4 DoFollow Backlinks on Blog Pages- 75 euros
  • [wp_cart:10 dofollow backlinks PR3:price:75.00:end]

  • 200 Backlinks in Blog Articles – 75.00 euros
  • [wp_cart:200 blog article links:price:75.00:end]

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